Established in 1946, Nikko Chemicals began with a focus on Interface and Colloid Chemistry, but we have since become a leader in the field of specialty chemicals by incorporating the best, latest technology in dermatology, molecular biology, and biotechnology into our products and services.

We work to contribute to the enrichment of human life through a wide variety of business services including the manufacture of high-quality raw materials and surfactants, the development of product formulations, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy of ingredients and final products.

NIKKOL Group's Basic Philosophy

Fostering of Creativity

Our commitment is to sustenance of an organization which continuously fosters creativity and innovation and which inspires the development of new products and technologies for the enrichment of people's livelihood.

NIKKOL GROUP Strategic keywords


We recognize that the conservation of the global environment is the most important issue facing the human race, both now and in the future, and our GCS+E (Green, Clean, Sustainable + Economy) strategy puts environmental concern at the heart of all of our business activities.

Through GCS+E, we aim to reduce energy emissions and waste generation by using environmentally-friendly raw materials in the design and manufacture of sustainable, economical, high-quality products. Nikko Chemicals and whole NIKKOL Group promote GCS+E not only for our main fields of expertise, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but also for other businesses including foods, detergents, inks/paints, oil-based materials, and general industrial applications. We continue to devote ourselves to the creation of a sustainable society and to the enrichment of people's livelihoods through a wide range of fields.

Furthermore, GSC+E incorporates commitment to providing Japanese quality products to global markets in a holistically conscientious, resourceful, and responsible fashion, as embodied in the uniquely Japanese concept of mottainai.

Mottainai conveys the feeling of wastefulness and regret for letting something good go to waste, and carries with it the subsequent resolve to not be wasteful. It is expressed as a common phrase in everyday Japanese speech and, recently, has been adopted internationally as an environmental keyword to capture the spirit of frugality in action.

Through initiatives such as GCS+E and our promotion of globalization and new communication technologies, we aspire to be the leading company for personal care and specialty chemicals in Asia.

Global Environmental Efforts

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