Initiatives at Group Companies


  • Fostering the exercise of human abilities and creativity, such as supporting the independence of women in Ghana.
  • Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Executive Officer and Director, Legal Division
    Hitomi Katō
Based on our commitment to improving the quality of people's lives through our core business, we place great importance on contributing to the creation of an environment in which people can further demonstrate their creativity. We are participating in projects aimed at raising the incomes of women in Ghana, improving their working environment, and developing social welfare systems, as well as in projects in Morocco involving argan oil to support women's self-reliance and prevent desertification.


  • We are promoting waste reduction, energy conservation, and conversion from petrochemical raw materials to recyclable resources.
  • Nippon Surfactant Industries Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director, Senior Managing Director and General Manager, Utsunomiya Factory
    Tomoji Murata
Based on the fundamental principles of "safety" operations in compliance with laws and regulations, and the supply of high-quality, environmentally friendly products that bring "peace of mind" by "stability", we are working to realize a sustainable society, including the conversion to renewable resources. We also promote the creation of comfortable workplaces, enhance employee satisfaction, and realize well-being.


  • We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to create an environment in which women can play an active role.
  • Bergerac Japon Co., Ltd.
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Hiroshi Tateyama
While maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations and promote care for the environment. We are developing a system that will supporting working mothers so that they can play an active role while raising their children. We aim to be a company that provides greater peace of mind in information management and security.


  • We are ensuring thorough quality control, including objectivity in data handling and analysis.
  • Nikoderm Research Corporation
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Daiki Kyōtani
As a third-party contract testing organization with evaluation technology based on the latest dermatology, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure thorough quality control of data handling and evaluation reports. In addition, through a technical partnership with EPISKIN, a 3D tissue culture model manufacturer in France, we are contributing to the establishment and popularization of animal-free evaluation methods.

Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society

In order to improve the living environment in outer space, we participated in the "EDDI Project" to elucidate the emulsification mechanism in microgravity environment.
Looking ahead to the coming age of space as an activity center, even in the special living environment of outer space, it is necessary to realize "improvement of people's quality of life" by products using emulsification such as detergents and cosmetics. The NIKKOL GROUP is the only private Japanese company to participate in "EDDI Project", one of the projects being promoted in the European Space Agency ESA, which has 22 member countries in Europe. We provide NIKKOL GROUP's nonionic surfactants, which are highly evaluated worldwide, and contribute to the elucidation of the emulsification mechanism under microgravity. A conference on the subject of space was also held in the colloidal surface chemistry symposium in 2019, and this project has attracted a great deal of interest, with high expectations for technological development. We will contribute to the space age with our raw materials and know-how.
Surfactants restore vivid colors to cultural assets with mud stains. Demonstrated in collaboration with an Italian researcher.
Various disasters have occurred due to global climate change, and contamination of cultural properties has become a major issue. In particular, Italy has historically suffered from floods, and in order to restore the original colors of mural paintings and paintings, it was extremely important to selectively remove mud stains while leaving the pigments used in paintings. Through joint research with Professor Baglioni of the University of Florence, Italy, we have found that our surfactants exhibit selective cleaning action against mud stains and that they can be precisely controlled. This technology has the potential to be applied to restore the colors of various cultural heritage sites that have deteriorated due to the adhesion of dirt, which has become a global issue, and we hope to contribute to the restoration of those cultural heritage sites.

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