1946Establishment of Asahi Trading Co., Ltd.
1949Company name changed to Nikko Trading Co., Ltd. NIKKOL brand name introduced.
1951Became the first manufacturer of nonionic surfactants in Japan.
1955Establishment of Odai factory in Tokyo.
1957Establishment of Osaka branch.
1961Succeeded in the development and commercial production of oil-soluble derivatives of vitamins C and B.
1963Became the first manufacturer of homogeneous polyoxyethylene nonionic surfactants in the world.
1964 Company name changed to the current name, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1970Establishment of R&D laboratory (Nikkol Technical Center).
1973Became the first manufacturer of alkyl glyceryl ethers in the world.
1981Development and market introduction of NIKKOL Lecinol series (hydrogenated and hydroxylated lecithins).
1994Odai factory transferred to the newly established Nasu Factory in Tochigi prefecture.
Establishment of Cosmos Development Center as the Nikkol Group's integrated R&D center.
1995Start of commercial production of Nikkomulese 41 (gel network type O/W emulsifier), the first item in the Nikkomulese line of functional emulsifying complexes.
1997NIKKOL VC-IP (stabilized oil-soluble vitamin C derivative with anti-pigmentation effect) introduced to market.
1999Development of Nikkolipid 81 (emulsifying complex with anti-inflammatory effect).
1999Nikkoguard DL (novel anti-microbial active) introduced to market.
2002Development of Nikkomulese WO (functional emulsifier for water-in-silicone formulations).
2004Introduction of Nikkomulese LH (polymer matrix type emulsifier for electrolyte-rich formulations).
2005Development of Retinol H10 (hydrogenated retinol for stimulation of hyaluronic synthesis in skin)
2006Nikkomulese LC (liquid crystal type emulsifier with skin care effect) launched in the market.
2006Development of VB6-IP (oil-soluble derivative of vitamin B6 for stimulation of NMF synthesis in skin).
2007 Establishment of Nikko Chemicals Shanghai Corporation.
2007 NIKKOL VC-IP approved as a quasi-drug ingredient for whitening in Japan.
2007 Establishment of Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
2009 The first overseas Open Research Laboratory opened in Shanghai.
2009 Nikko Chemicals received the podium award at IFSCC Congress 2009 for the presentation "Blocking of epidermal-dermal cross-talk through strengthening of intracellular ROS scavenging capability".
2010 Start of commercial production of Green and Sustainable Natural Esters (GS series).
2015 We developed a new alpha-gel type emulsifier NIKKOL PUREPHOS ALPHA with superior moisturizing and pollution blocking properties.

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