Japan quality

For over 70 years in the chemical raw material industry, Nikko Chemicals has consistently upheld the standards of Japanese quality globally recognized as the benchmark reference for meticulous craftsmanship, responsible manufacturing, high-tech innovation and ingenuity, and reliable, harmonious customer service.

Our quality standards as a Japanese manufacturer range from product purity to presentation. We strive to supply chemical ingredients which unfailingly meet physical and chemical specification requirements, such as assay, odor, and color. We deliver our products in clean packaging in the most prompt, time- and energy-efficient manner possible.

As an extension of Japanese product quality, safety and efficacy are our top priorities. Through the collective efforts of the Nikkol Group, we thoroughly test all of our ingredients for human safety and functional efficacy, and we advocate clear communication and transparency in all aspects of product development and promotion.

We also serve as the direct link between Japanese aesthetics and innovative product development globally. We continually work to integrate the methods and principles of Kansei Engineering, or the uniquely Japanese discipline for translation of emotions into consumer goods, into our products and service. The potential and depth of Kansei Engineering has recently been recognized within the Japanese personal care industry, with particular attention paid to how the visual aesthetics and tactile textures of cosmetics neurologically effect emotional and social experiences. We are currently work to further incorporate methodically-tested Japanese aesthetics into our own research and development of high-quality systems ingredients.

Looking forward, it is our goal to share our authentic perception and standards of Japanese quality with all of our commercial partners, both direct and indirect, by contributing not just to the aesthetic experience of a product, but also to an efficient and enriching business experience

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