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Marketing from Asia’s Global Hub

■We have begun marketing from Singapore,
   the "Land of Allurement" & the "Lion City."

    No doubt some of you are wondering why it is called the "Lion City." It comes from "Singapura," the Malay word for the island, which itself is derived from Sanskrit words meaning "lion" and "city."

   Our new marketing is proceeding from the perspective of Singapore, whose economic and cultural influence is on the rise.

   Singapore is known around the world for its sightseeing spots, which include the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands Hotel, as well as the Singapore Sling, a cocktail born here.

   Tourism aside, Singapore is also garnering attention for business as a whole, as suggested by its second-placed ranking worldwide for international competitiveness, fourth-placed ranking as a financial center and reputation as having the world's busiest port. Changi International Airport is currently used by about 50 million passengers per year. When the No. 4 and No. 5 terminals now under construction are completed, the figure is projected to increase to 150 million. Seeing that Singapore has a population of only about 5.5 million, this figure underscores its status as an incredibly powerful economic giant.

   Thanks both to its rapid and solid economic advancement, Singapore is attracting people of all races and ethnic groups from around the world, who are turning it into a new melting pot.

   NIKKOL GROUP Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) Pte Ltd has established an office and a plant here. Although it employs only about 25, these employees come from about 10 different countries. With a keen awareness and appreciation of this diversity in respect of language, culture, religion, and customs, they are constantly striving to link the Asian market with Japan and, indeed, the rest of the world.

■Key Factors: "Made in Singapore" & "The Halal Market"

   We have learned one important thing from doing business in Singapore and that is the high degree of trust commanded in other Asian countries by the combination of "Made in Singapore" and "Japanese technology."

   The reasons include the geographical advantages of Singapore's central location in Southeast Asia; the high degree of safety owing to the relative lack of damage from earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, typhoons, and tornadoes; and the trade advantages resting on free trade agreements (FTA).

 The Halal Market – The New Key

 About 1.6 billion people, or about one-fourth of the world's population, are Moslems. Today, the market they represent is estimated at about 2.4 trillion US dollars and can no longer be overlooked. The neighboring country of Malaysia has declared its intention to become a global halal hub and there is a movement afoot in Indonesia as well for a significant modification of halal-related regulations. Singapore is preparing initiatives for advancement into the world halal market based on its know-how for acquisition of halal certification, guidance and control by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), provision of value-added products, and its trade power.

   Information is bound to collect in a place with Singapore's economic might, trade power, and ethnically diverse population. There is plenty of value that cannot be converted into simple monetary terms. I believe this very value is a big part of Singapore's allure. 

■Singapore as a destination for travel this summer

   For many people, July means summer vacation. There are 900 flights arriving every day from all over the world!

   This summer, it might be fun to fly to Singapore and experience this alluring land for yourself! And I almost forgot: Our employees in Singapore have prepared an interesting presentation on halal. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details!