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Identifying skin condition by diagnosis of the stratum corneum

- New trends in evaluation and testing of skin care -

     Do a search on the web with the word "diagnosis," and you will find all sorts of medical and psychological diagnoses, for everything from your personality and lovability to your business and social skills. The subject of this article is diagnosis of the stratum corneum, where a few cells taken from the cheek can reveal what is going on in the depths of your skin!

     This month we focus on innovation by Nikoderm Research Inc., a member of the Nikkol Group which is particularly adept at diagnosis of the stratum corneum. This technique makes it so easy to look deeply into the skin and accurately identify any trouble affecting it!

What is diagnosis of the stratum corneum?

      Nikoderm Research evaluates the safety and efficacy of ingredients and formulations for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products using in-vitro and in-vivo tests as well as the EPISKIN 3D dermal model. They also provide total consulting for all sorts of skin evaluation.

      Nikoderm Research was founded in 2003. At the time, there were not many other companies offering skin testing in Japan. At present (2015), however, the number of companies engaged in dermal evaluation is on the rise, and Nikoderm Research is taking “innovation” as the key word in their efforts to set their services apart from those of competitors.

One of their innovations is diagnosis of the stratum corneum. This method reveals the state of, and any damage to, the epidermis, through analysis of the keratinocytes collected with tape from the surface of the skin. One can only marvel at the simplicity of this technology.

Growth markets for skin evaluation

      The markets which Nikoderm Research is emphasizing for their future growth prospects are those of high-performance food products and oral care.
      In the market for high-performance food products and health supplements, sales of items such as “beverages for skin lightening” or “moisturizing foods” is expanding.
     Recently we have seen an increase in requests for “Beauty from within,” the examination of the beautifying effect of foods and supplements. The human quest for beauty will continue forever.

     Oral care market is likewise expanding worldwide. Oral care is hardly confined to prevention of tooth decay by brushing with toothpaste; it also includes care of gums, tooth whiteness, and care of the tongue. Nikoderm Research is also receiving more consignments for testing related to this widening circle of oral care products.

     With an eye on this market, Nikoderm Research is providing visual test results as another innovation in order to facilitate client understanding of the contents. They are also pursuing innovation in their evaluation of the safety and efficacy of hair and scalp care products by using new types of dermal models, which have hair and blood vessels and very closely resemble actual human scalp.

    Through such continued innovation, Nikoderm Research is determined to meet the whole spectrum of wants and needs by provision of new test procedures and consultation services.

     If you are having difficulties with evaluation testing, why not give Nikoderm Research’s diagnosis a try? It just may resolve your difficulties at a single stroke!