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A Skincare Atelier: Cosmos Technical Center
~ A visit to skincare designers ~

     Cosmos Technical Center Co., Ltd., the R&D center of the Nikkol Group, is engaged mainly in the development of new skincare ingredients. For this issue of the e-mail magazine, we visited Cosmos and talked with Dr. Shoichi Yahagi and Ms. Yuki Yanagi. Dr. Yahagi is in charge of development of active ingredients, and Yuki oversees development of formulations. They compared formulation of skincare products to fashion design. "Cosmetics are deeply intertwined with sensibility, and what we are doing here at Cosmos is close to the fashion business. Formulators are skincare designers." Let's take a closer look at what they mean.

"Cosmetic formulation is a kind of fashion design" and "Formulation developers are skincare designers"

     While efficacy of moisturizing and skin lightening products are very important, the sensory profile of the formulation on the skin is also a vital factor. Skincare must have pleasant texture and feel good. Cosmos Technical Center is always developing materials and formulations with a focus on both sensory properties  and efficacy.

      Speaking thoughtfully and with enthusiasm, Dr. Yahagi had the following comments on the development of active ingredients: "In the world of fashion, people are constantly developing new fabrics and other unique materials to realize the novel ideas of the designers. The same thing can be said of cosmetics. To bring unique skincare concepts into reality requires materials such as active ingredients with new functions. In response, we design and develop materials to support new skincare concepts. This is the job of an active ingredients development team, and in it lies the true gratification they get out of their work."

      Once the cosmetic concept has been decided, it is the task of the formulation developer as the skincare designer to give concrete form to the concept using all sorts of ingredients.

      Yuki Yanagi cheerfully described her passion about cosmetic design: "The texture that people perceive varies with the person. For this reason, there is no such thing as a single correct answer in cosmetic formulation. This is very much like the world of fashion; they say there is no right answer in fashion design either. Both are worlds where designers can exercise their individuality and create new forms and textures. We are always thinking about formulations that will resonate with the senses of consumers around the world."

Cherishing a freewheeling workplace environment and sensibility

      In order to nurture the growth of many such skincare designers, Cosmos Technical Center has created a freewheeling and pleasant workplace environment. Work in this unconstrained environment breeds all sorts of new ideas and innovation, which are put to effective use in formulations for cosmetics. Many of the company's skincare designers are women. In its view, cosmetic designs and formulations born of a woman's sensibility are more likely to gain the empathy of and gratify female consumers.

How to become young again!

      The skincare designers at Cosmos Technical Center continue to take up challenges in order to make unique proposals to cosmetic manufacturers. One of their perennial goals is to offer rejuvenation through skincare. They are diligently researching new materials and formulations in order to achieve a design for rejuvenation and realize it someday.
      We could not help but be struck by how cheery and young both Dr. Yahagi and Yanagi-san were! Perhaps their own rejuvenation secret lies in fully and happily applying all of their talents in the freewheeling workplace environment.