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“Interview with Joceline here in Singapore”

More Japanese than the Japanese themselves?! Joceline, a picture of Japanese womanhood
  Our interview this time is with Joceline, who was born in Malaysia.
  Joceline has nothing but praise for the Japanese mentality. “I think the attentiveness is just wonderful,” she says. The way she thinks and acts is exactly like the ideal Japanese woman that has been forgotten.
  Joceline studied chemistry and organics at a college in Japan. After that, she decided to seek employment in the cosmetics business. So she joined the NIKKOL GROUP Cosmos Technical Center. There, she worked in formulation development for raw materials for cosmetics. She also served as an instructor in the Open Research Laboratory. This lab is used by many customers. Today, she is an employee of Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) and develops formulations for products to be made in Singapore.

Strengthening the Singapore site!
  Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) is responsible for marketing and sales of surfactants and oil materials. (For activities in Singapore, please see the issue titled “Marketing from Asia’s Global Hub.”)
  Six years have passed since the founding of Nikko Chemicals (Singapore). We asked Joceline how it looked to her.
   “As I see it, Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) has been working hard right from its founding. It’s carefully moving ahead one step at a time, and expanding its business in the process. Lately, it has added flexibility to this combination of diligence and carefulness. It’s aiming for research and development of products that will be of benefit not only in the cosmetics field but also in new fields. Unfortunately, there is no Open Research Laboratory in Singapore yet. But we have made arrangements to answer questions from overseas customers. That’s not all. We want to provide value-added information that will really wow them. We are all united in action to this end.”
  Joceline went on.
  “I would really like all of you to come to Singapore and see it with your own eyes. Singapore is the crossroads of Southeast Asia. It brings together people of different races, cultures, and customs. If you shift your perspective when viewing the market, I think you will make some borderless discoveries. We at Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) have the setup to support entry into the halal and kosher markets.”

I Love Japan!! I Love Snow!!
  Ten years of living in Japan made Joceline a big fan of the country. I asked her what about Japan appealed to her.
  “I love the four seasons in Japan, and especially winter. The snow falls and blankets all the land in white. It’s so romantic! Here in Singapore, it’s always summer. I so miss the snow when winter rolls around! I miss Japan!”
  At this, the Russian-born interviewer Yuri (Director of the Nikko Chemicals International Division), who heard Joceline’s remarks, muttered: “If you like snow so much, you should go to Russia, not Japan. You’ll have snow to gaze at for half the year there.”