Nikkol group NEWS LETTER


NIKKOL GROUP × FY2016 = “Joint”

       The NIKKOL GROUP comprises seven companies: NIKKO CHEMICALS CO.,LTD..; NIHON SURFACTANT KOGYO K.K; COSMOS TECHNICAL CENTER CO.,LTD.; Nikoderm Research Inc.; Bergerac Japon Co., Ltd.; NIKKO CHEMICALS SHANGHAI CORPORATION; and NIKKO CHEMICALS(SINGAPORE)PTE LTD.. Each of these companies discharges one or more of the functions of sales, manufacturing, research & development, testing, and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of nail-related products, and is vigorously engaged in the related corporate activities.
      The NIKKOL GROUP’s mission is summarized in the motto “We make people’s lives better.” By realizing our mission, we hope to contribute to society through joint action with our customers.

NIKKO CHEMICALS’ 70th anniversary
      In June 2016, NIKKO CHEMICALS is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding. Its predecessor, Asahi Trading Co., Ltd., launched business immediately after the war, with a focus on sales of materials for cosmetics. It subsequently changed its name to Nikko Trading Co., Ltd., and made the transformation into the current company that handles specialty chemicals under the brand “NIKKO CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.”. We are determined to continue making a positive contribution to all who provide us with support as always, while never forgetting our commitment to growth and challenge on the road to our 100th and 150th anniversaries.

NIHON SURFACTANT KOGYO’s 60th anniversary
       NIHON SURFACTANT KOGYO is the manufacturing division of the NIKKOL GROUP. We were consolidated with the NIKKO CHEMICALS’ Nasu Factory last fiscal year, and will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in July 2016.
       We retain the spirit of “5S” activities (organizing, tidiness, cleaning, cleanliness and discipline), and are going to continue delivering quality, safety, and stability to our customers.

COSMOS TECHNICAL CENTER & expansion of the Open Research Laboratory setup
      COSMOS TECHNICAL CENTER is engaged in research and development of new products that are gentle to people and the environment, and deliver a high performance. We are going to present the results of our work at the 29th IFSCC Congress in Orlando, Florida and other academic forums.
      Our Open Research Laboratory, which has been patronized by many customers over the last 40 years, will be available to more users thanks to the expansion conducted in April 2016. We are also adding to the Center’s existing assortment of basic, intermediate, and applied training courses. Naturally, we will be offering the personalized project courses as well.

Nikoderm Research & opening of a residential office in France
      On April 15, 2016, Nikoderm Research opened an office in Lyon, France. Last year Nikoderm began to collaborate with CTI-BIOTECH (Lyon, France), as a new business partner, and this enabled us to provide new evaluations using unprecedented 3D tissue models and ex-vivo skin samples. The office is also equipped with a laboratory, that will be soon available to receive customers with their own specific testing agenda. We always stand ready to serve our customers.

Bergerac Japon & instatement of a new system
      Bergerac Japon is widely known as one of the leading contract manufacturers of nail polish and nail care products in the Japanese market. It is instating a monitoring system for all production processes into its entire plant in April. This system will record all production processes and help to curtail the incidence of trouble in production and the leakage of confidential information. As a result, we will provide an even higher level of security and quality to our customers.

NIKKO CHEMICALS SHANGHAI & an event for celebration of the 70th anniversary of NIKKO CHEMICALS in China
      This year, NIKKO CHEMICALS SHANGHAI is going to hold seminars in major cities in China in addition to its sales activities. We will also continue collecting information on Chinese regulations for cosmetics and relaying it to Japan.

NIKKO CHEMICALS(SINGAPORE) & expanded sales of Halal and Kosher products
      Besides manufacturing of polyoxyalkylene surfactants, NIKKO CHEMICALS(SINGAPORE) is expanding its sales of fatty acid ester oil that is certified as Halal and Kosher. Located on the island of Jurong, the company’s plant is going to begin supplying this product in small quantities (18 liter cans) under ISO 9001 standards. We at NIKKO CHEMICALS(SINGAPORE) shall take up new challenges in the future as well.

    “Joint” is the key word posted by the NIKKOL GROUP for this year. While jointly exercising the strengths of each member company, we in the NIKKOL GROUP also hope to engage with our customers, end-users, communities, regions, and the world as a whole, so we can together breed new possibilities and make a positive contribution to all.

We are looking forward to becoming a stronger NIKKOL GROUP in 2016!