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Proposing Innovative, Unique Products
- Introducing New Formulas
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Towards real trends
    We instituted the Trend Conference in 2012 toward our goal of supporting creation of new trends not yet in the market, from perspectives unique to a manufacturer of raw materials.
    So far, the Conference has analyzed and forecast new trends both inside and outside Japan, and gathered information on the cosmetics industry over the last 70 years. Based on this information, it has developed more innovative and unique formulations, and made proposals for new ways of using raw materials.

A place for developing proposals with imaginative thought and free exchange of ideas

    The Trend Conference has about 16 mostly female members. They include personnel from domestic and overseas sales, purchasing, and planning units as well as people assigned to formula development and researchers at Nikko Chemicals (Singapore).
    The conference collects ideas representing various viewpoints (sales/research, male/female, etc.). The members prepare a single formulation while freely exchanging opinions. Besides commenting on the materials used, they come up with a simple concept and catch phrase for the formulation based on its features. They put their ideas into a form that is easy to understand and enables proposal to the client.
    One member remarked that she naturally discovers things to bring up at the conference in the course of routine shopping or while reading magazines. “I come across an interesting product and decide to use it at the next conference,” she said. When the members go on business trips to other countries, they make it a habit to visit drug stores and department stores at the destination to see the latest trends with their own eyes. This is part of their setup for being among the first to apply overseas trends in Japan.

Formulations that makes firms want to commercialize them

    The formulations born through this process always undergo in-house sensory evaluations and usage tests. The development team is also particular about feel, texture, color and scent, and takes note of the views of people representing a diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity. All of the formulations they develop can be proposed with confidence. Some of the members even use them every day. Since its institution, the conference has developed 36 formulations for skincare, hair care, and body care from perspectives that only a manufacturer could have, and proposed them to clients.

Here is one of the formulations developed with such care.
    A new sensation – Aroma Jelly V3, a beauty oil gel pack

  •     ◆An oil gel that is non-greasy and has good adhesion
  •     ◆A jelly eaten* by the skin, made with rose, lavender,
          and three types of vitamins
    Meaning that it penetrates down to the stratum corneum
    ■Concept sheet ■Formulation

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Please look forward to hearing more about our innovative and unique formulations drawing on the total capabilities of the NIKKOL GROUP in the future as well!