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  • To Make Halal-certified Cosmetics,
    You Must Start with Halal-certified Ingredients

    In the rapidly growing economies of Southeast Asia, the increase of middle-class consumers is expected to cause a significant expansion of the personal care market. Many of the consumers in these Southeast Asian markets are Muslim. There is a rising need for personal care items bearing the Halal certification, indicating they are compliant with Islamic teachings. It is now becoming essential to develop products to address the consumer needs in these Southeast Asian markets.
    Markets of ...

  • Proposing Innovative, Unique Products
    - Introducing New Formulas
    ~ Creating New Value ~

    Towards real trends
      We instituted the Trend Conference in 2012 toward our goal of supporting creation of new trends not yet in the market, from perspectives unique to a manufacturer of raw materia...

  • On the 70th anniversary of Nikko Chemicals,
    interviewing Chairman Shigeru Sekine

       On June 7, 2016, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd., celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding.
       During the period of turmoil immediately after the end of World War Two, Masami Sekine ...

  • NIKKOL GROUP × FY2016 = “Joint”

        The NIKKOL GROUP comprises seven companies: NIKKO CHEMICALS CO.,LTD..; NIHON SURFACTANT KOGYO K.K; COSMOS TECHNICAL CENTER CO.,LTD.; Nikoderm Research Inc.; Bergerac Japon Co., Ltd.; NIKKO...

  • The Secrets to Doing Business Chinese-style!!

       The NIKKOL GROUP began developing business in China in the 1990s, and entered the Chinese market on a full scale in 2007, when it established Nikko Chemicals Shanghai Corporation.

  • Nihonbashi Stories No. 2
    The food culture born in Nihonbashi

      A center of culture and commerce, and a busy district visited by many people – that’s Tokyo’s Nihonbashi. This issue profiles the food culture that was born there.
      The eating habits in the ...

  • “Interview with Joceline here in Singapore”

    More Japanese than the Japanese themselves?! Joceline, a picture of Japanese womanhood
     Our interview this time is with Joceline, who was born in Malaysia.
     Joceline has nothing but praise for the J...

  • A matchmaking god – the Open Research Laboratory

    Matchmaking for formulation of cosmetics and external preparations
       Have you ever been to a Japanese Shinto shrine at the start of the new year? People traditionally make such visits to pray not ...

  • Kwang's eyes:
    NIKKOL GROUP seen by the eyes of a Thai employee

    “Samurai working on computers?”
       On the summer day three years ago, Kwang boarded a plane departing from Bangkok and bound for Tokyo. She took the flight because she was going to be working...

  • Nihonbashi Stories – No. 1 (in Edo times)

       Tokyo's Nihonbashi district is a bustling center of culture and commerce. It continues to be a cultural and business hub, and its evolution can be traced from the "floating world" woodblock prin...

  • A Skincare Atelier: Cosmos Technical Center
    ~ A visit to skincare designers ~

       Cosmos Technical Center Co., Ltd., the R&D center of the Nikkol Group, is engaged mainly in the development of new skincare ingredients. For this issue of the e-mail magazine, we visited...

  • Identifying skin condition by diagnosis of the stratum corneum

       Do a search on the web with the word "diagnosis," and you will find all sorts of medical and psychological diagnoses, for everything from your personality and lovability to your business and...

  • Global x Purchasing = Nikko Chemicals

    "Overseas vacation" vs "International business trip"

      Could it be one of the effects of Abenomics? The number of Japanese who make trips overseas this summer is projected to reach a remarkable...

  • Marketing from Asia’s Global Hub

    ■We have begun marketing from Singapore,
      the "Land of Allurement" & the "Lion City."
      No doubt some of you are wondering why it is called the "Lion City." It comes from "Singapura," t...

  • Behind “Safe and Reliable”: The Path of Nihon Surfactant

    Behind “Safe and Reliable”: The Path of Nihon Surfactant
    Approximately 100 km north of Tokyo,
    Nihon Surfactant Kogyo K.K. is located in Utsunomiya City (Tochigi Prefecture). Nihon Surfactant is the...

  • Notebooks for Village Children

    Before Independence
    When a Ghanaian mother gives birth to a child, following the old tradition, she applies shea butter on the skin of her newborn baby.
    The Republic of Ghana, with a population o...

  • Easier said than done.

    Easier said than done.
    A famous proverb in Japanese. The original text comes from Entetsuron, a 2000 year old economic report from the Chinese Han Dynasty.;
    Entetsuron is an ...

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