Colloid Science

At Nikko Chemicals, we question the traditional approach to formulating a personal care product by developing original systems ingredients with unique functional characteristics, textures, and sensory properties.
We believe that a truly balanced skin care product is the cooperative combination of Actives, which both individually and synergistically provide effective treatment, and Systems, the functional vehicles which generate pleasant and memorable sensory experiences.
Our wide range of systems ingredients include emulsifiers, solubilizers, dispersants, and other related ingredients for skin care and makeup.

Main Areas of Colloid science Research

Lecithin derivatives
Obtained through the refined hydrogenation / hydroxylation of natural soya lecithin. Safe and skin-friendly, our lecithin derivatives help to strengthen the skin barrier, protect the skin from irritation and even subtle stinging, and stimulate the penetration of active molecules.

Polyglyceryl Fatty Acid Esters
Decaglyn and Hexaglyn series whose safety has been validated and approved for use as food additives in Japan. Our wide range of Polyglyceryl Fatty Acid Esters includes oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsifiers, dispersants, solubilizers, texture and viscosity modifiers, and emollients. Several items from the Decaglyn line are Ecocert-certified.
Functional emulsifying blends
Our Nikkomulese and Nikkolipid series are unique complexes that help formulators to transcend the conventional approach to emulsification and thus to create unique systems with various ? effects. Nikkomulese and Nikkolipid products make it easy to create various types of emulsions based on a gel network, liquid crystals, or a polymer matrix.
Nikkolipid 81S
Lipid complex with emulsifying properties and superior anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects confirmed in vivo: Nikkolipid 81S improves rough skin by enhancing the skin’s existing barrier function.

Nikkomulese LC
Emulsifying blend which creates extremely stable oil-in-liquid crystal-in-water (O/LC/W) emulsions. The multi-layer liquid crystal network, which is composed of materials naturally found in the skin (such as phospholipids, fatty acids, and triglycerides), mimics the skin’s barrier structure.
We have proven in-vivo that an emulsion containing only Nikkomulese LC will increase skin hydration and improve dry skin, without the aid of any additional actives to replenish the skin barrier.
Nikkomulese LH
Electrolyte-tolerant polymeric emulsifier and thickener for O/W systems. Nikkomulese LH provides stable O/W emulsions regardless of the type and polarity of oily ingredients and allows formulators to use large amounts of electrolytes (salts) in the formulation.
Nikkomulese LH makes it easy to prepare emulsions and gels with a unique fresh sensation and "cushion-like", bouncy texture.
Nikkomulese WO
Emulsifier and gelling agent for water-in-silicone or silicone-rich W/O systems. Nikkomulese WO produces very stable emulsions with an extraordinary texture that is light, elegant, and visually glossy. Nikkomulese WO makes it possible to combine penetrating and water-proof properties of water-in-oil systems with light, non-tacky feel. Nikkomulese WO also enhances the dispersion of pigments in suncare products and liquid foundations.
Special grades of N-WO:
Nikkomulese W-NS (Non-Silicone)
Nikkomulese WO-CF (Cyclomethicone-Free)


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