Joint Research Opportunities

Nikko Chemicals openly welcomes suggestions and proposals for joint research and development. Our R&D facility is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments necessary for the synthesis and analysis of new compounds. The research staff builds upon its rich collective experience in various fields of skin and colloid sciences to provide assistance in the chemical analysis as well as the stability, safety, and efficacy evaluation of a newly developed substances. Additional services include patent and intellectual property search, regulatory consultation, application development, and formulating instruction.
One of the important fields of our expertise is evaluating and registering ingredients as quasi-drug (QD) excipients and actives in Japan. A successful illustration, in 2007 our proprietary vitamin derivative NIKKOL VC-IP was approved as a quasi-drug active ingredient for whitening in Japan.
Nikko Chemicals provides a complete range of services, from the initial stages of molecule design and synthesis to support in the registration of a new compound.

Main Areas of Joint Research Opportunities

JSQI (Japanese Standard of Quasi-drug Ingredients) and QD (Quasi-Drug) refer to the food, cosmetic, and drug standard regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
JSQI is the official standard set by the Japanese government for ingredients to be incorporated into final QD products, labeled ("quasi-drug") to advertise that the product is a government-approved medicated quasi-drug. This QD status has become a powerful marketing tool for many Japanese and foreign firms in the Japanese market.
Obtaining QD status requires time and monetary investment, thorough documentation, and rigorous testing of safety and efficacy, all of which is regulated and approved by the MHLW. The efficacy of a QD is typically milder than that of a pharmaceutical drug, but has been proven effective in a specific claim category as either an excipient (additive) or an active at a specific dosage.


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