Creating new value added products through
collaborative R&D with different countries and industries.

Since our establishment, we have been engaged in collaborative research and development with both domestic and foreign research institutes, universities and cosmetics manufacturers.

With our vast experience in research and product development in cosmetic we can offer full support for your product development in a wide-range of processes from raw material development to the launch of your finished product with suitable evaluation. For companies using special raw materials in their product development or those who are looking forward to entering the cosmetic field, feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, our products (surfactants, functional emulsifiers, oil-based ingredients, active ingredients, powder etc…) are being used not only in cosmetic but in an uncountable industries including the automobile and railway industries, aviation, apparel (functional textile), construction and agriculture etc...

We are exploring methods to apply our technology and know-how in different fields. Because, we are from a complete industrial field, we believe we can perceive things from different perspectives and propose new ideas that can be beneficial to your company.

Collaborating with NIKKO CHEMICALS

Among all domestic cosmetic raw materials suppliers, we are the only company which can consistently handle everything from research and development to production and sales. By using our strength which is ingredients development to planning, production and sale ("one stop support"), we believe we can respond to all your requests.

We can assist you in the following:

「€ŒDevelopment of products using our ingredients」€

⇒Ability to evaluate the applicability of raw materials, full support from raw material synthesis to formulations development

「€ŒDevelopment of paint from natural ingredients」€

⇒‡’We have a vast line-up of natural ingredients
Natural ingredients which are safe, stable and traceable, that can also be used in other fields.

「€ŒDevelopment of environment and skin friendly tanning agent」€

⇒‡’Use of highly sustainable plant derived ingredients for the development of new type of oil taking into consideration environment and skin safety.

We are able to support you, even if your field has very little relation to ours. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a collaborative and research development partner.

The latest Experiences of partnerships

We conducted joint research and development with universities on fundamental research (efficacy and evaluation of new ingredients) for various industries' markets and technological needs In addition to fundamental research, we can also support you in applied research for industries (scale-up feasibility), contract manufacturing (low-cost manufacturing). Furthermore, we have proven achievements in the development of ingredients which use special base-materials (natural, functional or highly versatile ingredients, etc.) provided by your suppliers.

In the future, we hope to continue working with foreign companies (manufacturing consignments, suppliers, etc.) and both domestic and foreign research institutes on joint-research and development which goes beyond the framework of countries and industries, as well as research and development fields.

Main collaborative research parties (actual results)

Domestic: Keio University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), RIKEN, University of Tokyo, Utsunomiya University, Tokai University, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo University of Technology Tsukuba University and others.
Overseas: Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A * STAR), University of Florida, University of South Carolina and others.

Challenges and wants – open to your ideas

  • Industrial purification of water-soluble ascorbic acid derivatives
  • Solid catalyst for esterification
  • Recycling of biomass waste
  • Metathesis reaction on industrial level
  • Development of alternative materials for petroleum-derived ingredients
  • Development of various functional ingredients
    (Functional powders, UV absorbers / scattering agents, polymers, etc…)


  • Global Environmental Efforts