We received the SILVER award at in-cosmetics London -Make-Up Bar for the novelty textures of IRO-ODORI!!!-

NIKKOL GROUP / NIKKO CHEMICALS received the SILVER Award for IRO-ODORI Series at in-cosmetics 2017 in London!

The Make-Up Bar Award is attributed to the most innovative developments in color cosmetics and make-up. All entries displayed at the Make-Up Bar are judged at the event by a panel of color cosmetics experts.

IRO-ODORI Series contains eight formulations, which combine the traditional Japanese colors and unique transforming textures. We focused on creating the conceptual products that will provide unforgettable sensory experience in addition to innovative makeup effects.

“IRO-ODORI” means “dance of colors” in Japanese. This words also reminds “irodori”, which stands for “colorful and vivid”. This series blends the beauty of elegant Japanese colors with dynamic and unique textures.

IRO-ODORI Series features the following types of formulations:
Ultra-instant concealer with tightening and cooling effect;
Water-rich emulsifier-free W/O emulsion;
“Alpha Gel” and “Reverse Hexagonal” systems;
Quick-break moisturizing primers and foundations;
Elegant and water-in-oil and water-in-silicone stick type products;
And many more innovative ideas for premium makeup and skin care.

IRO-ODORI concept was designed as a result of unique collaboration between marketing division of Nikko Chemicals, application lab at Cosmos Technical Center and the key suppliers of NIKKOL GROUP. The formulations feature specialty ingredients from NIKKOL GROUP, Toshiki Pigment, Maruzen Pharmaceuticals, Kewpie Corporation, Kobo Products, Barnet and many more.

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