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Basic Policy on Information Security

NIKKOL GROUP believes that the preservation of the global environment is the greatest challenge for humanity today and in the future. Based on the philosophy of “Contribute to people’s lives and the creation of a better society through our efforts to design and produce products that are sustainable and economical without putting a burden on the environment by using environmentally friendly raw materials and reducing energy and waste emissions,” in utilizing all information assets, including the information entrusted to us, we strive to achieve a high and uniform level of information security management through appropriate operations in terms of utilization and preservation, thereby raising the level of business management, ensuring proper and safe management, and responding to credible trust, and are committed to information security based on the following basic policies.

Scope of application

The scope of application covers all information assets (including personal information, trade secrets, etc.) managed by NIKKOL GROUP. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
NIKKOL GROUP complies with laws, regulations and other norms related to information security in Japan and other countries.

Establishment of Information Security System

o protect and appropriately manage information assets, NIKKOL GROUP appoints a person responsible for information security and establishes an information security management system and emergency response system.

Establishing a Code of Conduct for Information Security

In order to realize its basic philosophy and appropriately manage information assets, NIKKOL GROUP has established rules and operational manuals for information security on a global basis and ensures that all officers and employees are fully aware of them.

Implementation of information security measures and education

NIKKOL GROUP takes measures to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents, to reduce damage and to prevent recurrence. In addition, NIKKOL Group implements education and training necessary for the importance of information security measures and for proper collection, use, storage and disposal of information assets.

Periodic assessment and continuous improvement

In order to maintain information security initiatives and respond to changes in the business environment and social conditions, NIKKOL GROUP periodically assesses the status of implementation of management systems and measures and strives for continuous improvement.

Date established: April 1, 2021
Date revised: April 1, 2022

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