Nikko Chemicals’New “Self-Business” Dress Code

In alignment with our SDG activities, Nikko Chemicals is starting the “Self-Business” Dress Code. The aim of this is to encourage flexibility within the company, where our employees are free to choose what they wear to work. We also hope to encourage our employees to be more autonomous in their self-management.
With the “Self-Business” Dress Code, the 3 main objectives are “increased diversity”, “improved work productivity and efficiency”, as well as to “aid acclimatization to weather changes”. Implementing the Time Person Place Occasion(TPPO) policy with the start of the “Self-Business” Dress Code, we hope to create an open and flexible workspace for our employees.

①Increasing Diversity
By fostering a new, diverse culture in the workplace, we aim to create an environment where present and future employees alike will want to work at.

②Improving Work Productivity and Efficiency
By allowing our employees more freedom and flexibility, we hope it will bring about new innovations, an improvement in productivity, as well as the creation of new business values.

③Aiding Acclimatization to Climate Change
With the “Self-Business” Dress Code, we aim to further our ecological and environmental efforts.

Commencement Date: Monday the 11th of October, 2021

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