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The NIKKOL GROUP is working to foster both an organizational climate and corporate culture suitable for the next generation and to realize new ways of working.
We are striving to establish not only the enhancement of work-life balance, a remote work environment, promotion of childcare leave for male employees, and diversification of human resources (multinational human resources), but also initiatives to support the true needs of our employees as advocated in NIKKOL 25 for 2030, and the strengthening of compliance.


The NIKKOL GROUP has been working on activities to improve engagement since 2020.
In the first year, we introduced a system of 1-on-1 interviews between supervisors and subordinates and “Wevox,” a tool for measuring and analyzing engagement.
From the third year onward, we aim to foster a proactive corporate culture in which each division actively contributes to the creation of a better organization based on the know-how and mindset we have cultivated.

“ Wevox,” an engagement measurement and analysis tool

Engagement scores / distribution & graphs by “ Wevox”

Internal Reporting System NICALL 119

A contact point for reporting and consulting on internal compliance violations or suspected violations is essential to the healthy growth of a company.
The NIKKOL GROUP has established an internal reporting system known as NICALL 119 to provide a solid foundation for this. The system covers all personnel engaged in Group operations, including directors, regular employees, contract employees, and part-time workers. If a report is found to be true, the violator is subject to strict disciplinary action in accordance with company rules, and the informant is notified of the results.

Work Style Development

The NIKKOL GROUP is promoting work styles that encourages employee independence and autonomy, allowing them to exercise their creativity.
As part of this effort, Nikko Chemicals is promoting the use of promoting working from home to improve productivity.
Even during normal times, the remote work rate is maintained at 30%. During the spread of COVID-19 (under a declared state of emergency), the remote work rate exceeded 70%.

Women in the Workforce

At Nikko Chemicals, female managers account for about 22% of the total workforce.
Nikoderm Research and Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) have reached approximately 33% and 40%, respectively.
In addition, Nippon Surfactant Industries has formulated a general business owner action plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life.
The entire Group will continue to aim for an environment in which female employees can exercise their abilities and work comfortably.

Promotion of Male Childcare Leave

The NIKKOL GROUP has been promoting for male employees to actively take childcare leave from 2021. Through educational activities, pamphlets, and actively communication, we are creating an environment that makes it easier for employees to take childcare leave.
At Nikko Chemicals, four employees took childcare leave in fiscal 2022 (an increase of three from the previous year).
In the same year, Nippon Surfactant Industries also saw its first employees take childcare leave, with three employees taking advantage of the system.

Multinational Workforce

The NIKKOL GROUP is currently developing a project to improve the environment for hiring and accepting foreign employees.
As of January 2023, we have employees of 11 different nationalities, including Japanese, Brazilian, Chinese, American, and Burmese.

Turnover Rate

The 1-on-1 interview system is highly rated by our employees, with approximately 60% of users responding “good” or “very good.”
It is also effective in preventing turnover, with the turnover rate at the four Japanese group companies remaining around 5% from 2019 to 2021.

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