Think Next Act Together

Think Next Act Together

Moving towards new possibilities for the people and society,
NIKKO CHEMICALS has merged with
COSMOS TECHNICAL CENTER as of April 1, 2022.

The new NIKKO CHEMICALS begins

Think Next. Act Together.

April 1, 2022, marks the start of the new NIKKO CHEMICALS,
where we aim to further develop our technology in specialty chemicals
with our expertise in colloid chemical and skin science.


Hideyuki Nakahara

We have launched a new NIKKO CHEMICALS that integrates sales and R&D functions through the reorganization of the NIKKOL GROUP.
This decision was made to enable us to respond even more speedily to our customers’ needs, allowing us to demonstrate team creativity and pursue value that no-one can replicate.
Adding the potential of each individual employee to our combined synergy as we move forward, this allows for even greater ideas and problem-solving capabilities as we work together with our customers to realize innovation.
NIKKO CHEMICALS is also currently implementing various changes aimed at achieving our VISION for 2030.
Over our more than 75-year history, NIKKO CHEMICALS’ products have evolved into cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, and other daily necessities, bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives.
This is both our company’s raison d’etre and our pride, and we will continue being a company that is essential for the future of the earth and society while remaining true to our origins.

Through this merger, we are aiming for the next stage of NIKKOL GROUP,
in order to achieve our Vision, NIKKOL 25 for 2030
“Giving back to the world from the chemistry of beauty”.
We hope you look forward to new NIKKO CHEMICALS.

Optimizing our responsiveness as one company,
we aim to provide closely tailored products and services according to the needs of our customers and partners.



Providing information in the form of formulation development and research for raw materials in the fields of personal care, pharmaceuticals and chemicals Customized customer support through our open laboratory

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