The NIKKOL GROUP’s Nikoderm Research Forms a Tie-up with CTI-BIOTECH

Nikoderm Research Inc., recently concluded a tie-up agreement with CTI-BIOTECH as a new business partner.
On April 15th, a signing ceremony of the partnership agreement between Nikoderm Research and CTI-BIOTECH was held at the Lyon City Hall (Hotel De Ville).
This ceremony took place in the presence of the Japanese ambassador to France and the Mayor of Lyon along with regional government officials. After that, the opening ceremony was held in the presence of Mayor of Meyzieu at CTI-BIOTECH.
This tie-up will enable it to make assessments using unprecedented next-generation 3D tissue models and ex-vivo assessment using human tissue. In addition, it has established a representative office titled “Nikoderm Research Europe” within CTI-BIOTECH for ex-vivo evaluation with human tissue and evaluation with cells from a rich variety of sources, using CTI-BIOTECH’s National BioBank.

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