Efforts to prevent the spread of infection and requests to customers

Although the declaration of an emergency situation was lifted in all regions, Nikko Chemicals will continue to make “Ensuring the safety and security of customers and employees” the top priority in its efforts to prevent infection.

Starts from June 29th, 2020

【Measures for Employees】
・Taking and recording one’s own temperature.
・Not coming to the office when the temperature is higher than 37.5 Degrees Celsius (Utilizing leave or work from home).
・Hand sanitization, hand washing and wearing masks at all times.
・Overseas business trips will still be prohibited for the time being (since Japan still has travel restrictions imposed on many countries ).

【Requests to Our Guests】
・Taking and recording of temperature when entering the building.
・Denying entry to the building if the temperature higher than 37.5 Degree Celsius is discovered.
・All guests are to practice hand sanitization and are to wear masks at all times.

General Affairs Division

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