Chemical-Navi Renewal Announcement

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our product website “Chemical-Navi” .

Through this renewal, we have improved the search function and entire design to make it easier for you to access information customers requested.

Please note that the URL will be also changed due to this renewal.*

New URL:

We will continue to strive to enrich and improve the contents of the website, so please stay tuned and/or come and join us for new Chemical-Navi!
*For those of you have ID/password, you can log in with the them which you have registered before this renewal.

Chemical-Navi’s Exclusive Features:
Chemical-Navi is a free resource to help you find the ideal formulas for your projects.

Diagnostic tool that allows you to find your ideal cream formulaby answering simple questions.

Ingredients Spotlight:
Discover next-generation ingredients, such as those designed for sustainability and exciting new textures.

Educational Videos:
Watch educational videos on interfacial chemistry, industry trends, regulations, and more.

Formula Advice:
Our experienced researchers are ready to answer your questions on formulation development.

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