Satoshi Yoshimoto of Nikko Chemicals Won the ASCS CONFERENCE 2024 Special Poster Prize: “Improvement of Sensitive Skin Through Multifunctional Lysolecithin

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Satoshi Yoshimoto, a researcher at our Central Laboratory, was awarded the Special Poster Prize at the Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists (ASCS) Conference 2024.

ASCS was established as a federation of cosmetics specialist associations in Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East to promote the development of the cosmetics science and industry by deepening the interactions among academic communities in these three regions.

The conference is held biennially, and this yearʼs conference was held for three days starting on March 6 in Goa, India. Oral and poster presentations were organized, and technical and cultural exchanges took place. PhD. Yoshimoto, our researcher at the Skin Evaluation Group of the Evaluation and Analytical Technology Development Office in the Central Laboratory, received a special award for his poster presentation.

Upon receiving this award, Mr. Yoshimoto commented “I am very pleased that the concept of a functional ingredient derived from soybeans, which was inspired by the wound healing system of living organisms, and newly acquired data, have attracted so much interest. Please look forward to further research in the future.” This study is the result of a research conducted using “NIKKOL LECINOL ® MFL*1,” a new product launched in 2023.

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