Aiming to create environment-friendly sustainable products from algae

Participation in the “MATSURI” project

The Nikkol Group has a strategy known as “GCS+E” that focuses on environment-friendly and sustainable research and development strategies that are at the same time economical.

GCS+E is derived from the first letters of the words: GREEN, CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE, and ECONOMY. The strategy is to plan and produce sustainable and more economical products without impacting the environment using environment-friendly raw materials and reducing energy and waste emissions.

Recently, SDGs and ESG have been attracting attention and society has a general awareness of these terms. However, the company has been developing products based on this strategy for over ten years.

For example, the development and supply of NIKKOL SUGARSQUALANE  and NIKKOL GS Series . On this occasion, we have joined the “MATSURI” project  as a corporate partner in August 2022 to further promote the development of sustainable materials.

“MATSURI” project

This is a corporate partnership project imitated in Japan with the CHITOSE GROUP at the core. The project utilizes algae, bringing together various companies and government bodies from a variety of industries. Partner companies and government bodies work to develop their respective businesses at all phases, from algae production to the sales. This includes developing facilities for algae cultivation, building the logistics network, and developing and selling the end product. The aim is build an algae industry where the partner companies work together as one entity.

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Compared to terrestrial plants, algae boasts overwhelming efficiency for biomass* production. All its components, such as its composite protein, fats, and carbohydrates, can be used in material development.

A 5 ha algae cultivation and production facility has been constructed in Sarawak, Malaysia, with trials underway to prepare for full-scale operations. This project is making steady progress toward delivering products derived from algae to society.

*Biomass refers to organic resources derived from plants and animals (excluding fossil fuels such as petroleum).

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In addition, the company has previously made advances in developing materials for cosmetics and personal care using algae, Bacillus subtilis, and other raw materials.

In the future, by participating in this project and collaborating with the partner companies, we will contribute to society by creating sustainable clean products that utilize algae components. We look forward to developing sustainable products derived from algae.

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