NIKKOL GROUP’s CO₂ Emissions from Electricity Usage atAll Factories in Japan Are Reduced to Zero

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that our fellow NIKKOL GROUP companies and their factories have switch to using CO₂ free electricity1 as of October 2023. Namely, Nippon Surfactant Industries Co., Ltd., with both factories in Utsunomiya and Nasu, Bergerac Japon Co., Ltd., and their factory in Nasu, as well as KOBO Dispatek Co., Ltd. at their Utsunomiya factory have converted to using CO₂ free electricity. Thus, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity generation will be reduced to zero in all factories of the NIKKOL GROUP and our affiliate companies in Japan, leading to a yearly decrease of approximately 2,752 tons compared to the levels in 2019.

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